The Sweat Lab (TSL) is a Melbourne based facility designed to bridge the gap in knowledge that exists in attempting to individualise hydration and electrolyte replacement strategies for athletes, people who train hard and for those whose employment places them in high sweat environments.

The TSL sweat test protocol was developed by Exercise Scientists in line with best practice protocol and analysis methods whilst also considering the practicalities of field and lab testing in different environments.

With the view to take testing that was once confined to elite athletes and university research settings and make it available nationwide, TSL developed an accreditation program for sports dietitians & nutritionists, sports doctors and exercise & sports scientists across Australia to be able to perform testing and lead clients in personalised hydration practices.

The next phase for TSL was to develop a self-test kit in order to further make this vital information more accessible to potential users. The greatest part of The Sweat Lab’s system is that the self-test kit and the professional testing process and analysis is exactly the same, and so provided self-testers follow the instructions precisely there is no compromise on accuracy or quality in order to accommodate the convenience.

The Sweat Lab continues to operate as both a commercial operation and a research and development hub in all matters of sweat analysis, immerging analytical technology, hydration and electrolyte replacement in the interest of better performance / output and greater levels of wellbeing for our clients.

TSL has recently established a commercial and research operation in Japan and we look forward to growing our understanding and presence internationally into the future.