The Sweat Lab is the research and development hub for SOS Hydration based in Melbourne. We have accredited sweat testers available for sweat testing in

Advanced Sweat Analysis Facility

Through testing professional, amateur and recreational athletes we are continually refining our guidance and the best Use of SOS for individuals and teams.

The SOS sports science department use the Melbourne based sweat lab as a testing and analysis centre, but the sweat lab’s reach is national as we have trained accredited sports dietitians and exercise scientists across the country to conduct sweat testing, who then send samples back to us for analysis and interpretation.

Advanced Sweat Profiling

A sweat test is the only accurate way to determine an athlete’s sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration. Knowing this information leads to personalised hydration planning, replacing fluids and electrolytes in the correct amounts for increased performance and wellbeing.

Meet our accredited sweat testers.

The Complete
Sweat Profile
$199 inc. GST.

Generally speaking the actual sweat test will be 30 or 45 minutes. With briefing, warmup, set up and clean up expect to be at the sweat lab for between 60 and 75 minutes.

Athlete Sweat Profile Machine Melbourne
Sweat Testing Lab in Melbourne Australia
Athlete Sweat Profile Facility Melbourne